when paradise shatters at its seams then what?

The genesis of this work, created for a cast of 6 to 10 dancers and 6 to 10 singers, was birthed out of a healing ritual in which, after receiving devastating news, I began to create what I was experiencing – my paradise shattering.

This intense emotional journey ranged from depression to numbness to bittersweet to pure joy goes beyond the personal narrative and embraces the global human experience of our diverse moments paradises shattering. For example, a mother looses her child, bankruptcy, rape, kidnappings, loosing one’s job, war, natural disasters, etc.

It is the then what? that reshapes our next experience of paradise. How do we react and deal with our individual then what? is very intriguing. My point of inquiry is grounded in the exploration of the healing process versus the actual moment of shattering. How do we re-engage in life? How do we recover? How do we navigate our way back to a new paradise? How do we create this new paradise? The work speaks to our human conditioning and hence reactions to devastation and one’s recovery process. The investigation of our individual and collective rituals that bring us back from the breaking point into a new paradise are examined.

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