Melina M’Poy

Has studied dance with Suisse instructors Isabelle Schwaar and Elena Manes alongside vocal training with French teachers Pierre-Yves Duchesne and Floraine Iseli. She graduated from L’Académie Internationale de Comédie Musicale, Paris, France. Her journey includes performing diverse roles in musicals Ratpsody, Pirates and Touwongka by French directors Floriane Iseli and Jacint Margarit. For the past five years she continued to perform worldwide in the role of Sarabi, ensemble singer and cover to the role of Nala in director Julie Taymor’s Broadway musical The Lion King (Paris, Singapore and London).  She also performed in the La Grand Fête du Théâtre Musical (A celebration of musical theater) at Théâtre Comedia featured in a musical rendition of Broadway musical RENT’s “I’ll Cover You”, French adaptaion by Herve Lewandowski and Aurélien Berda and staged by Wanjiru Kamuyu. She is a founding company member of WKcollective.