Steeve Brudey

A student of the dramatic arts, classical and jazz singing from L’Ecole Nationale de Musique et d’Art Dramatique, Brest, France, Brudey continues to study as a director and creator of theater works. As an actor he has worked with a plethora of theater companies based in Brest, France. He has interpreted the role of Tartuffe and Jason in the epique Médée directed by Jean Anouilh, the role of Hippolyte in Phédre de Sénèque, the role of Sweeney in Les Errances de Sweeney (Sweeney Astray) and the role of The Man in Ma vie de chandelle directed by Fabrice Melquiot. Brudey moved to Paris to work on world-renowned Broadway musical The Lion King (Le Roi Lion) directed by Julie Taymor (Théâtre Mogador, Paris) as a cover to the roles of Mufasa, Scar and Pumba.  Alongside he wrote and directed his own play entitled La grossesse de Madame Dieu. (The pregnancy of Madame God) which premiered at Les Tonnerres in Brest. After a three year tenure (2007-2010) with The Lion King (Paris) he proceeded to play the role of Youssef in Radeaux, an opera written by Christian Siméon and directed by Jean-Marie Lejude (Opéra de Reims), in the role of Le Noir in Encore un Tour de Pédalos written, composed and directed by Alain Marcel (Théâtre du Rond Point et Théâtre Marigny, Paris). Currently, Brudey is directing a triology of plays, the first being Bérénice de Racine, which premiered at the Théâtre L’Archipel, Fouesnant, France. Most recently he has joined the cast of The Lion King LondonWest End Production. He is a founding company member of WKcollective.