Artistic Statement

00160001Young and tender moments create pathways for the future. I walked into my very first ballet class with Mrs. Haddad at Green Gate Nursery School in Nairobi, Kenya, pig tails bouncing, dressed in my blue pleated skirt, white blouse, red sweater, white socks and black shoes. Without understanding what it was, I could see a transformative path laid out before me, and I knew what I was meant to be – a ballerina!

Growing up and training in Kenya was a gift. My African-American mother and my Kenyan father sent me to dance classes at a young age. In Kenya, art and life are on a continual path seeking equilibrium and recognition. Kenyatta University laid the foundation for my career. I  began creating my first dance works; each holiday our youth group created and performed a musical. I was the resident choreographer. The genesis of my professional career began after moving to New York. I performed with Anita Gonzales’ Bandana Women and shortly thereafter Jawole Willa Jo Zollars’ Urban Bush Women. They propelled me into a whirlwind of collaborations with other renowned choreographers and productions.

After some avoidance, I now embrace my love and desire to create dance.  I am committed to my artistry exhibiting the powers and possibilities of dance. Dance is an avenue for healing, a platform of self-transformation and expression, moving beyond words to penetrate the depths of the heart and soul. Dance gives birth to our limitless potential, providing a window of investigation into the fears, questions, desires that hide in our thoughts and spirit. For me, dance is survival. The privilege to live exclusively as an artist is testament to the continual fulfillment of my life’s purpose, and WKcollective is the manifestation of this purpose.