Classes & Workshops

Master Contemporary Dance Classes are designed to provide the pre-professional and professional a solid dance training experience that deepens technical and artistic sensibilities. In a safe space the dancer is encouraged to question, explore self-identification, experiment with their relationship to dance and space while taking risks. The movement experience cultivates an intelligent and conscious mind/body awareness, with a strong emphasis on the dancer’s efficient use of effort and energy flow. Set to live or recorded contemporary music, the class organically unfolds with structured exercises that focus on breath, gravity, release, weight shifting, flexibility, stamina, endurance, spinal and pelvic range of motion and strengthening in preparation for challenging yet fun choreographic sequences. The contemporary movement vocabulary draws from the rich traditions of modern (Horton, Limon, Dunham), release, ballet, African, Butoh and yoga techniques, blended together creating the WKcollective movement experience.

Creative Movement Workshops challenge students, ages 6-18, in a fun-filled experience. Layered with movement exercises and games incorporating different modalities of art, i.e. visual art, writing, music and theater, the workshop encourages students to develop a deeper knowledge, understanding, appreciation, and respect for the arts.  Students will have the opportunity to explore their individual voices not only as artists, but also as critical thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders.

Civic Dialogue and Deliberation Workshops targeted to introduce community organizers and builders to the power of dance/movement as a tool of communication stimulating active listening, critical thinking, and problem solving.  Paired with film, visual art, writing, photography, music, and text, movement is used as a point of entry into the investigation of a select topic of civic engagement. We recommend pairing these workshops with a Community Engagement Performance Project.

Community Engagement Performance Projects use Civic Dialogue and Deliberation Workshops as a platform through which words and movement facilitate the telling of the community’s past and present stories of pride, struggle, and social concern. Material and ideas generated from the workshops are used in a culminating community performance. The performance is created and performed in collaboration with the project participants and the WKcollective artists at a local theater.

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