Anandha Seethanen

Hails from Réunion and grew up in Grenoble, France, where at 10 years old she discovered theater. Currently based in Paris, Seethanen studied acting for the theater at L’Ecole Réunionnalse d’Acteurs and Institut des Arts et Métiers du Spectacle de Paris. She has also studied mime under the tutelage of Faustino and “commedia dell’arte” (a form of Italian comedy during the 16-18th centuries) under the tutelage of Alain Mollot. She holds a BA in Literature from the Sobornne University, Paris.  Her performance journey has taken her gift of voice to the stages of musical theater in France.  She performed roles in the creation of Les Nouveaux Romantiques under the direction of Stéphane Ly-Cuong, Boulevard du musical written and conceived by M-C Lachaud and directed by Oscar Sisto, Couleurs et Mots, A tribute to Josephine Baker directed by P.J. Gozlin, Another Road -The Beatles project under the direction of American France based Barbara Scaff, New York Broadway musical Le Roi Lion (The Lion King) directed by Julie Taymor (Paris company), La Grand Fête du Théâtre Musical (A celebration of musical theater) at Théâtre Comedia featured in a musical rendition of Broadway musical RENT’s “I’ll Cover You”, French adaptaion by Herve Lewandowski and Aurélien Berda and staged by Wanjiru Kamuyu, Hair directed by S. Meyniac, and Hairspray directed by N. Grujic. Her film credit includes Nouvelle cuisine directed by Vincent Hazard.  Her music credits include numerous duos and trios of jazz and acoustic funk such as Anandha and Misja Fitzgerald Michel (Paris, France) and Cool Session Trio (Lille, France) alongside singing with accapella quartet Parisian way performing in Tokyo, Japan. Currently Seethanen is performing in the French based musical Swinging Life directed by Valéry Rodriguez and choreographed by Valérie Masset while working on her debut album. She is a founding company member of WKcollective.